The DMP checks out equipment to faculty, staff and graduate students in the Department of English, and to undergraduate students taking English classes with a Digital Media component.

If you are teaching a digital media course, or another course that will make use of DMP resources, please consider including the following information in your syllabus.

Undergraduate checkouts

The DMP has equipment for digital media production for checkout (see Equipment at right).  The following information may be important as your students plan their projects and necessary reservations.

  • All check-outs are for 24 hours, with the exception that equipment picked up on Friday is due back to the DMP on Monday.
  • The DMP does not supply DVDs, video tapes, CDs or other media, nor do we supply disposable batteries. Students should expect to provide their own AA batteries, as not all devices have external power sources.
  • All undergraduate reservations must be made in person. (Instructors may make reservations via email or phone.)
  • Habitually late returns will lead to revocation of checkout privileges.
  • Students must make reservations and check outs in their own names, not for friends or group members.  The equipment must be picked up and returned by the person who checked it out.
  • Only students in English classes may check out equipment.
  • Equipment may ONLY be returned to the DMP, not the English department office or the lab assistants.

Classroom Computers & File Storage

It is strongly encouraged that students in DMP classes purchase an external hard drive to keep the files for their projects safe. Such hard drives are available at campus bookstores, WiredOut, and stores such as MicroCenter or Target.  Students using iMoive will need to format the hard drive (or a portion of it) for Mac in order for iMovie to read it.